Faith Mystic

FAITH MYSTIC is a Sacred Organic Herbologist Botanist Plant Medicine, creator of Pure Botany, and is involved in creating lasting wellness on many levels through her company, Heaven’s Cures. FAITH MYSTIC has performed at Lucidity and sings her healing music at Sacred concerts, classes, ceremonies, activations, and does hands on energetic and sound Healings, crystal healings, Mayan healings, and spiritual relief clearings. FAITH MYSTIC rejuvenates those who are depleted and needing to reconnect and align. She has worked as an Oracle Healer at Lucidity since 2018 and is helping bring in Sacred protections as well as Activations for those attending the Lucidity gatherings. As one of the Lucidity Oracles, FAITH MYSTIC works as a Healer, Sacred Guardian, an Ethereal Messenger, and offers Sacred Ceremony.


  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I have many Sacred healing tools. When reading others, I can feel, see, and sense divine messages about what areas need to be healed and identify what causes them. I am excited to share what messages are meant for thee through activations and songs that reveal sacred connections. Voice therapies are integrated into my readings where I raise the vibrations through changes in octaves, frequencies, intentions, and Pure Love. It’s very easy to heal when We feel Pure Love, as loving each other opens the door for healing. I also utilize Kosmo energy and Crystal Healings to pull out unneeded energies that can be caused from substances. With my own salve that I create, Heaven’s Cures Enriched Salve I relieve pain. I teach protections and share how to be protected by embracing feelings of love and safety.