Roxanne Olivia Abell

Lux Luna Sage is a multi faceted being who loves to create and explore the world in order to inspire healing, transformation, and expansion of perspectives.  She is passionate about living life as if it were an artistic process, making intentional choices, and recognizing her personal impact while inspiring other’s called to share this practice.  Empathy, love, and acceptance are some of her strengths.  She is a story weaver, connector, and compassionate communicator dedicated to creative problem solving and meeting the needs of all beings so we can live in harmony with one another and our environment (all flora and fauna included). Celebrating diversity and developing balanced symbiotic relationships on all levels, from source to self and beyond. Trained as an expressive arts therapy practitioner, conceptual artist, performer, and fine art photographer she brings a variety of wisdom and tools to her consulting and intuitive guidance practice in order to encourage others to transform their personal myths from tragedies to triumphs. Reiki 1 certified with practice holding council and over 13 years studying the mysteries, tarot, and organizational behavior grounded in experience.  Through empathy, compassion, and wisdom she offers perspectives on personal challenges in the context of community and offers tools and resources to support individuals, couples, and groups during transition and transformation.


  • Lucidity Elemental Oracles
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

My approach to healing is intuitive and inquiry based. I make use of tarot, storytelling, empathizing, and energy healing to guide clients toward their own answers. Encouraging them to listen deeper to their own inner guidance and recognize the messages from the Divine coming through.

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