Raquel Natalicchio

Raquel is a born intuitive with years of experience in Tarot, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Crystal Healing and Ritual Crafting. She has been hired to do readings for HBO, VIP events and several festivals throughout the west coast. Raquel is also the Co Founder of Modern Witch Movement, organizing and facilitating Women’s circles and a weekend long gathering called Witch Camp, with the intention of bringing together exceptional women to give workshops/talks that are empowering and educational on a wide range of magical subjects. Her goal is to create a platform to learn, be inspired, wonder – and energize conversations that matter while gathering  tools of self empowerment to inspire others to create their own magic.



  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Oracle
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

My passion is to offer a down to earth approach to helping people connect with their spirit, while looking at new ways of redirecting their thoughts and intentions into more positive and empowering frequencies. I believe that achieving one’s greatest potential is often a matter of creating a ritual out of checking in with ones spirit while learning from and growing through our blockages. Whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, through my readings, I help to identify and shift out of those blocks, so that you can create a future full of happiness, health, abundance, magic, and love. My Offerings include -Tarot Reading – Numerology Reading – Dream Interpretation – ​​Intuitive Counseling –

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