Oracle empowers people to work through heartbreak, traumas, addiction and self sabotaging patterns and teaches them how to establish authentic connections and build healthy relationships to invite more love and abundance into their life.

She is versed in psychology and management and certifications in cognitive behavioral therapy life coaching, reiki, yoga, and meditation with an emphasis in sound therapy. In 2017, she created her own wellness practice, E.I.P.L. Healing otherwise known as Every Individual is Love Healing. She knows that everyone is healing in their own and looking to bring more love into their life, whether it is self-love or romantic love. This is the basis for her work. Every individual has their own set of experiences and requires personalize care. Every client is treated as an individual following their own unique set of circumstances and personal goals. No two clients are treated the same.

She fuses psychology, ancient yogic practices and meditation to help people connect to themselves on a deeper level, uncovering what patterns they do not enjoy about themselves and providing a space for them to practice acknowledgment and acceptance. Then she combines cognitive behavioral therapy coaching to take it a step further and help them change their behaviors and beliefs.


  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

Healing Is a delicate art form. The outcome is beautiful, but the process can be messy. Oracle uses her knowledge of psychology and archetypes as the basis of her work. She lets her intuition and energy guide her as she taps into higher sources to facilitate healing, personal growth and transformation. She uses both hands on (physical touch) and hands-off techniques in her reiki sessions, often if blending the two upon the client’s permission. Her sessions often combine multiple modalities including: reiki, sound therapy, meditation, soul/spirit energy work, emotional clearing / energetic cord cutting, cognitive behavioral therapy coaching, and mindfulness exercises.

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