Lily S. Cree

Lily is a psychotherapist who has been reading Tarot for decades. She reads in a style that allows for conversation, where the person getting the reading has the opportunity to let the information soak in and then discuss it. While meant to be lighthearted, it can be thought provoking, and she finds that it helps to clarify things a little bit.


  • Oracle
  • Reiki
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I am a psychotherapist, and I use some of that with my readings to help people look at things they might not have considered to encourage them in the direction they want to go. When I do Tarot, I use the cards to help clarify. I have designated my readings to be more conversational than just telling what the cards say. This allows a reading to go further. I sometimes get intuitive hits from the person, and I check it out to see if that is valid. If so, it moves the reading along.

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