Joe Claus

Joe is an Empathic healer and his super power is “real time pattern recognition”. His first career was in Hollywood as a special effects cameraman. In film, it’s all about the quality of the light and sound and the secret for getting the best picture and sound is the “signal to noise ratio”. The trick is to capture the clearest signal possible with the least amount of noise.

Joe’s second career was as a talk therapist. Joe studied spiritual psychology, addiction and co-occurring disorders, Chi Gong, and shamanism.  Joe found that most of the clients he worked with were smart people who had suffered from early childhood trauma. Cognitive therapy wasn’t getting to the heart of their pre-verbal trauma. There had to be another way, other than using just the mind, to release the mind and body from past trauma.

To help his clients, Joe began the study of somatic psychology which had a prerequisite of hands-on healing. However, the financial crisis of 2008 cut funding for mental health and drug rehabilitation and Joe transformed from talk therapist to massage therapist and photographer.

14 years later, Joe has mastered therapeutic bodywork for relief of common neck and back pain. Joe’s passion for healing now integrates Sound Therapy to work with the entirety of the body’s nervous system. Less noise and clearer signal means greater health and vitality on the mental, physical and spiritual level. To be grounded, centered and connected to the rhythms of the earth is a good thing!


  • Deep Tissue
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

This session is designed to ground, center and connect the rhythm of our heart to the earth’s resident frequency. The earth’s larger electrical magnetic field has the power to entrain our heart, mind and body into greater cohesive alignment. We use specifically designed tuning forks like power tools to clear the noise and static from the body’s bio-magnetic field. Less noise means a clearer signal and that makes everything go happy go lucky.

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