Hero is returning to Lucidity and the I Am Healing sanctuary for the third year in a row, offering his unique blend of work that combines body, mind, and spirit. Formal training in massage therapy, reiki, emergency medicine, hypnotherapy, and NLP as well as being a current osteopathic medical student gives Hero a unique blend of eastern and western styles in his healing practice. He brings together principles of western medicine, meridian therapies, bodywork, energy work, mental health practices, laser stimulation, and cupping to create and blend modalities into truly personalized sessions. Hero believes in the innate healing ability of every human body, and knows that as a healer, his role is simply to guide each individual’s body, mind, and spirit toward the healing abilities already present within. He also firmly believes in a holistic, whole person approach, knowing that all things physical, mental, and spiritual are interconnected in inseparable ways. Expect sessions to touch on all three areas, freeing and opening visitors up to a complete healing experience.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Reiki

Healing Description

Trained in several modalities as well as western medicine, I believe that every modality is simply a piece of the overall healing puzzle, a way to guide the body to access the innate healing potential within. I combine massage, movement, laser meridian point stimulation, cupping, hypnotherapy, NLP, western medical practices, and other modalities into unique sessions catered to every individual I encounter. Healing is the art of being a guide, giving love, and helping individuals access their best and true selves.

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