Involved in the healing arts since 2008, Hero began his journey into event and festival healing on New Year’s Eve of 2015 in Boston, MA. He has been a healer at Lucidity for the past three years and is excited to return for a fourth! As a licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, holistic healer, paramedic, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and biomedical scientist, he blends knowledge and traditions from eastern and western medicine, manual and energetic therapies into a truly unique healing art which he calls Kynergetics. Applied kinesiology muscle testing gives definitive demonstration that techniques have been effective. Every session is tailored to the unique individual, designed to give maximum relief and balance to mind, body, and spirit.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Reiki

Healing Description

Every time I work with someone, that session is individually tailored and unique. Connection between myself and the person I am working with is of paramount importance. These sessions can pull from a multitude of modalities, including:

– Traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage
– Oriental Vacuum Cupping
– Reiki
– Intuitive Energy Healing
– Active release techniques
– Chakra Balancing
– Emotional Clearing
– Laser Meridian (Acupoint) Stimulation
– Lymphatic Drainage
– Mindfulness Exercises
– Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing)
– Hypnotherapy