ELEVNS Healing

At a young age, Andrew had an instinctual feeling that he was here for a specific purpose, and through the course of his life facing different experiences, he came to realize that he was meant to help others as a healer/practitioner.  During a spiritual retreat, the knowledge that Andrew would heal through energy work was revealed to him.  Shortly after, he pursued an education in the art of Reiki and is a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.  Along the course of his healing journey, Kambo was revealed to him as well.  Connecting with the spirit of Kambo through self-work, he heard the calling to become a Kambo Practitioner and is certified and trained by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP).

Otherwise known as ELEVNS, Andrew was born and raised in Southern California.  His spiritual journey began after a serious injury caused him to reevaluate things he’d always taken for granted.  This shift in his perspective opened new doors to step through and move past previous obstacles, creating new opportunities.  After a beautiful weekend at a retreat and ceremony, he ascended on his path to fulfill his destiny.  Since then he’s pursued interests in different modalities such as crystal and sound therapy, Akashic Records readings, and becoming a certified Reiki Master and Kambo Practitioner.  Being of service for those in need of healing is a loving and familiar memory, and it is a true honor and joy for him.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

Andrew is dedicated to providing individualized sessions that promote emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Sessions target specific issues such as physical ailments, chakra balancing, releasing and clearing energetic blockages. Sound and crystal therapy is also utilized to facilitate the process. Connecting with clients and empowering them to heal themselves is equally rewarding for both clients and himself. Andrew enjoys bridging the gap between traditional medicine and holistic healing, while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

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