Jeanie Eugenia

EuGenia was born into the world of academia but motherhood nudged her gaze from the pages of her books onto the soulful and sinewy roots of the human body. The enlightenment of motherhood guided her work toward being of service to the sacredness of human sentience and of honoring our ability to sense and know others through our bodies. This awareness led her to study massage and energy work, followed by a deep dive into explorations of attachment and bonding, embryology, emotional language development and communication. Steeped in both academic and somatic inquiry, EuGenia obtained her doctorate in Somatic Psychology under which she developed unique ways to support those who seek self-knowledge. She intuits and clarifies the questions you seek to answer and supports integration of somatic awareness with the manifesting of practical life solutions.


  • Craniosacral
  • Lucidity Elemental Oracles
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I am a reader of symbols, bodies, and patterns and my tools are archetypal. I read from a selection of ancient and 20th century figurines that elicit information from your psyche and access the energetic fields of communication and connectedness. I explore with you as I witness and reflect information from the expressions on your face, your postures, and gestures, the timbre of your voice and the tempos of your breath. Then I support you in finding your own answers in my reflections of you. Often I will have a sensation in my own body, or an image, a question or curiosity that guides the reading. I draw from my own knowledge of allegories, psychology, neurobiology, embryology, and energy medicine. Like seeds from our ancestral tree, I collaborate with you to find your own kernels of wisdom that you are ready to cultivate.

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