What’s the difference between Car Camping and General Parking? Which one do I pick if I want my car parked near our camp?

You will need a Car Camping Pass in order to park your vehicle inside the event with your camp. These passes (and RV Camping Passes) are limited to allow for everyone to have enough room to camp. Car and RV Camping Passes are generally expected to fit into a 10’ x 20’ plotSpace is available in a first come first serve capacity. If you want the pick of the best locations onsite, Early Arrival is a good option. If you plan to camp with a group and create a Theme Camp, consider applying to our “Create your own Village” program. Please be mindful of your footprint – if you don’t use your car to sleep in, consider leaving it at home and carpooling.

Most vehicles will park at our secure parking lot.

All vehicles coming on site are subject to a parking fee. This fee is included in Car and RV Camping Passes. For those without a car camping or pass or RV pass, the fee is $40, if you arrive as a single driver you will have to pay an additional $10 impact fee.