What’s the difference between an RV Pass and a Car Camping Pass?

An RV Pass is for a vehicle longer than 18ft. Trailers of any size are also classified as RVs. For more definition on what classifies as a motorhome or RV, check out this DMV webpage.

A Car Camping Pass is for a vehicle less than 18ft in length. If your camper van is less than 18ft, you’re in the clear with a Car Camping Pass.

If you show up on the grounds with a vehicle longer than 18ft, or a trailer, and you DO NOT have an RV pass, you will not be allowed to bring your vehicle onto the camping grounds. It will be parked in general parking, you will pay a larger impact fee (to account for your larger vehicle), and you will not be able to sleep in it. There is NO CAMPING in the parking lots.

Please, be mindful that our site has limited space and everyone wants a comfy spot to sleep.

There will be NO RV OR CAR CAMPING PASSES available at the gate.