What is the personal cooking situation? Can we set up a kitchen?

Propane BBQs and camping stoves are permitted, but there are absolutely NO OPEN FLAMES or charcoal burners.

Conscious food venders are encouraged to source sustainable, organic, local foods, and will be providing food during days and evenings. We encourage the use of food provided through the festival as we are being conscious to make it both affordable and healthy – and it creates less waste and trash than bringing in your own. In any case, bring your own re-usable dishes and utensils. Help us co-create consciously!

If you are setting up a kitchen onsite, be mindful of your gray/black water creation. There are no dumping facilities onsite, and, being in a pristine, natural setting, we would like to “leave it better”. Bring an extra 5 gallon jug to collect your dirty water, and bring it offsite to dump appropriately. Think Burning Man style… be mindful of our grounds!