Once we are placed in camping, do we have free reign to set up any kind & size of camp we want?

The campground provides ample camping space for our attendees, provided you are mindful of your footprint. We allocate a 10’ x 10’ space for each participant – so please use this as a format when calculating your camp.  This means 2 people camping in a tent can use a 10’ x 20’ footprint.  If and when camping in groups of friends – please setup tight enough to have common areas fit within your total allocation. This is a co-created event, and so you are invited to bring and do what you like as long as you are respectful and compassionate to the needs and experiences of others.

Any amplified sound must be approved BEFORE the event. Please be sure to email in**@lu**************.com if you are interested in bringing such an offering. You may be asked to shut down if you set up a sound camp that is NOT pre-approved. Remember that amplified music is not allowed after midnight – this includes drum circles.