How can I transfer my ticket for Lucidity Festival?

If you are not able to join us for the event, we have empowered you with the ability to transfer your ticket to another person, as we do not offer refunds for tickets.

TixR allows for fans to transfer their ticket to another fan. ‘Fan Transfers’ is a safe and easy way to transfer (send) tickets digitally to another person. If your tickets are eligible for transfer, you can send them to friends or family members from your Tixr account.

What are Tixr Fan Transfers ? 

Fan Transfers is a safe and easy way to transfer (send) tickets digitally to another person. If your tickets are eligible for transfer, you can send them to friends or family members from your Tixr account. 

If you are a Fan Transfer recipient, meaning someone you know and trust is transferring their tickets to you, you will be able to accept them in your Tixr account. Once the transfer offer is accepted by the recipient, the Original Purchaser is no longer the owner of the ticket(s). 

How do I transfer my tickets? 

If you have an account with Tixr, simply log in and go to MY EVENTS. From there, select the ticket(s) you want to transfer and enter the email address you want to receive the transfer offer. 

Does my friend need to have a Tixr account to accept or decline the transfer?

Yes. When your friend receives the Fan Transfer email, if an account does not exist, the recipient will be prompted to create an account in order to checkout an accepted transfer offer. Please note that in order for your friend to claim the transfer offer, the recipient’s email address must match the email address you submitted during the transfer process. 

Why can’t I transfer my ticket for an event? 

The administrator of your event has disabled Fan Transfers for your group, event, and/or ticket. All underlying tickets of an event will not be transferable when an event administrator disables the feature for an event. Also, note that you can only transfer eligible event tickets that are completed orders– meaning payment plan tickets cannot be transferred until the order is fully paid. 

If Fan Transfers is turned ON for my group and event, which ticket types am I able to transfer? 

At the moment, we support the ability to transfer electronic tickets, will call tickets, and no delivery tickets. Please note that if a transfer recipient accepts a will call offer, the recipient must bring a valid photo ID displaying the Recipient’s name to the event’s will call Box Office. 

How will the Original Purchaser know whether the fan transfer offer has been accepted or declined? 

The Original Purchaser will receive an email notification when the status of the fan transfer changes. Studio users can also view the status of Fan Transfers within Tixr Studio by visiting FAN TRANSFERS under the Records menu. The original purchaser can also see fan transfer statuses under MY TRANSFERS when logged into Tixr. 

Can I cancel a transfer that I already offered? 

Yes. You can cancel a transfer that has been offered but not yet accepted by the recipient. 

Will my transfer offer expire if my intended recipient does not accept or decline my transfer offer? 

Yes. If the recipient does not cancel or decline the fan transfer offer within 7 days, the offer will expire. If the offer is not canceled and the original purchaser wishes to send another transfer to the same or new recipient, the original purchaser must cancel the transfer offer from MY EVENTS > MANAGE TRANSFERS > RECIPIENTS, and send a new offer to the intended recipient. 

Will my transfer offer ever be automatically declined when I send a transfer offer to my intended recipient? 

Yes. Your transfer offer can be auto-declined if the order of the original purchase is not completely paid. If this instance ever occurs, you will receive the following error message “This ticket has not yet been fully paid for and cannot be transferred.” 

Can I charge for my ticket when using fan transfers? 

No – fan transfers is not a resale tool and is intended to be used for a free-of-charge ticket exchange amongst fans. 

Can I transfer a ticket that has already been used? 

No. Once a ticket has been checked-in, it is no longer eligible for transfer. 

Can the tickets for an event be offered to more than one person? 

Yes. Tickets can be offered to multiple friends until one of the recipients accepts an offer. 

If the event is refunded, does the refund go to the original buyer? 

Yes. When the event is refunded, the Original Purchaser will receive the refund – not the transfer recipient. 

Can I transfer tickets on a payment plan? 

Tickets that have payment plans cannot be transferred unless paid in full. Only transfers whose original orders have been completed (fully purchased) can be offered as a ticket transfer. 

Will the name on the transfer ticket be updated if the ticket is at Will Call?

Ticket names can be updated from your TIXR account for Will Call pick-up.

If you have any questions about this process, please get in touch with our ticketing team via in**@lu**************.com.