Dream Recall

Greetings Lucid Family,

**UPDATE** We have our new autumn dates solidified. We will be gathering for Lucidity Festival: Regeneration Earth at Live Oak Campground November 6-8th, early arrival Thursday will be Nov. 5th, and the Regenerative Action Day will be Nov. 4th.

We are faced with a challenge like none we have ever encountered and our hearts go out to you as the California Governor’s words “Cancel Everything” echo through our shared realities. We also have the opportunity to meet this challenge with compassion, grace, patience and love.

We would like to state our strong support for the measures being put into place by the local and state authorities. While it saddens us beyond words that we will not be able to welcome you at Live Oak this April, we feel without a doubt that this is the course we must uphold. If we as a community (Lucidity and beyond) can respond quickly to this situation, the wave may pass with minimal harm.

At Lucidity central we met today to discuss our contingency plans for our event. While we didn’t answer all the questions, we do have some important updates for you. Take a deep breath, grab a glass of water, and lend an ear.

  1. We are postponing Lucidity Festival: Regeneration Earth to the fall. At the current moment, we are attempting to secure the best possible date between September and November.
  2. We aim to have a clear new date announced by April 11th. We need this month to PAUSE and solidify our rescheduling plan. We ask that you sit tight and please avoid the urge to overwhelm our communication channels unless you have an urgent time sensitive issue. We are here for you AND know we’ll be fielding a lot.
  3. Please DO cancel any April travel plans, reservations, accommodations, rentals, etc. you may have made and stay home, safe and sound.
  4. We’re all in this together.
  5. The Universe is asking us to take a big PAUSE right now. We are listening and abiding. Please take this time to do so also… be with family, stay healthy, get good sleep and dream big. When we are finally able to come together, we are confident that we will truly be able to Regenerate the positivity and hope for our Earth.

[New Dates Selected: Nov. 6-8th]

Love always and in all ways,

The Lucidity Festival Crew