Shine Rilling

Thought leader, world bridger, teacher, 
healer, musician, and visionary. Shine is a master of flow state, human transformation and life force energy.  He is the founder of World Peace Tribe, Peace Sticks, School of the Peaceful Ninja, and Shining Lion Music.  Shine’s love of surfing and studies of the movement, healing and energy traditions of indigenous cultures has led him on a life-long learning journey.  He has traveled to over 13 countries and learned with masters of Taoism, Yoga, and South and North American, African, and hawaiian, and Indonesian shamanism. He has practiced Munay Ki, Chi Gung and Tai Chi sword with Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master Zhou, and trained with the International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers.

After inventing the practice of Peace Sticks he began teaching and developing methodologies to awaken primal life force energy.  Many of these methods are rooted in ancient tribal wisdom, and focus on healing and reconnecting human beings to their true selves, each other and nature.

Shine and tribe have led hundreds of Peace Ceremonies, trainings and concerts around the world and have also worked with local people in many countries to create Peace Centers and craft Peace Sticks.

He has worked with Peace Sticks in the fields of Rehabilitation, corporate team building, professional athletic cross training, At-Risk Youth programs, and public/private education.  Shine is passionate about human potential, holistic health, eco communities, youth empowerment, and weaving a world culture of peace.

Medicine or Calling

the Beauty way, way of the talking stick, Peace Sticks, Way of the Circle, Codes of Communication, Father, Children, Music.