Bliss is a cosmic mystic, oracle, shaman, & Code Carrier of Turtle Island. She has served extensively on the planet as a water carrier, grid worker & bundle carrier for the indigenous supporting the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Union of The Eagle & Condor, & the awakening of Christ consciousness on the earth. Her passion is to inspire the awareness of our true nature, the mechanics of physical ascension, transfiguration, activation of our light bodies, & embodiment of our divinity.

Medicine or Calling

Bliss's medicine is in her precision of oracular transmissions and all that is held in the space between the words. Her transmissions ignite the pure potential that lives inside all of us and connects us to our cosmic consciousness. Her gift for creating spaces of immaculate stillness offer the much needed pause that most people in our busy world crave, opening us to the magnificence of our inner planes.