Lucidity Festival Auroras’ Light

June 28 – 30, 2024
Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, CA

Colorful montage of people dressed in mystical costumes, a group of people in a yoga class, a child with face paint, a DJ on an outdoor stage.

Welcome to the Lucid City

Year in and year out, dreamers from across many realms gather in the oak dotted hills above Santa Barbara and build more than a festival, they build a city of our collective dreams. This city is an earthly reflection of a mythic place that sits in our imaginations and in our hearts, at the center of all space and time, where all possibilities, all creativity and all Love is born. 

We know this place as The Lucid City.

Lucidity Festival, an award winning family-friendly event, has been bringing its unique, immersive experience to the beautiful meadows of Live Oak Campground for over 12 years.

Join us for 3 days of music, performance, art, thought provoking presentations and Magic.

Come and enjoy warmer and longer days of June at Lucidity.

Woman in colorful clothing, wearing a gold top hat and shiny blue cape, holding Isis wings.

Epic Musicians

Year after year, we bring some of the best talent in the music scene. Whether you vibe to EDM, funk, soul, rock, folk, world music, we’ve got you covered on one of our stunning stages.


Detox Unit

Wajatta Ft. Reggie Watts & John Tejada


The Crystal Method


Axel Thesleff



Anton Tumas

Bix King

Beat Kitty

Mary Aleiner

Paris Starfire



Mesmerizing Performers

Aerial, fire, flow, and dance performers captivate the crowds while lively roving characters roam the festival. Catch one of our clever comedic and theatrical shows!

Inspiring Workshops

What do you want to learn? Drumming, AI, yoga, healing arts are just a few of the topics to inspire you! Our Summit stage will host a variety of passionate speakers and teachers.

Alaya Love

Danielle Klein

Alchemy Vibrations

Ariel Lowell

Luke Schroeder

Adam One

Damien Jones


Fantastic Visual Art

Enter the bamboo halls of Branches Mobile Gallery for a unique art experience. This popup gallery has curated some of the most accomplished 2d and 3d artists in the current art scene.

Transformative Healers & Oracles

The healers at I AM HEALING provide a variety of modalities in relaxing and activating space. The Mythos Oracles use a variety of cards, intuition, and cues to help you align with your unique essence.

Ana Machado

Sasha Stardust

nik castle

Roxanne Abell

The Doors Of Perception

Dreamboat Oasis


Sacred Creation Station

Captivating Installations, Environments & Theme Camps

Engage with delightful spaces & interactive art scattered throughout Lucidity. Pop in on theme camps flying their unique flag of Fun and interactivity!

Whimsical & Sustainable Vendors

We strive to bring you the most environmentally sustainable vendors. Our merchant vendors display a variety of beautifully crafted wares. Our food vendors will be sourcing their produce locally.

Get Fried Rice / Ruby’s Real Root Beer & Floats

Nimita’s Cuisine

Wook Plugs

Spiral Serpents