Anastasia Bodagovskaya, a visual artist of Russian origin raised in Texas, specializes in acrylic painting and body-painting. Her diverse cultural experiences and the natural beauty of Texas have significantly influenced her artistic vision. Anastasia’s creative inclinations emerged early, leading her from theater and dance to the vibrant world of painting.

Residing in Houston, TX, Anastasia’s work, celebrated for its vivid style, has been exhibited in local shows, featured in magazines, and adorns various murals across the city. A University of Houston alumna, with a B.F.A in painting, she has dedicated many years to traveling and connecting with artistic communities. These experiences have deepened her love for art and fostered a passion for sharing it with others.

Anastasia is particularly known for her dynamic presence at festivals, both nationally and internationally, where she engages in live painting. These festivals are not just venues for showcasing and selling her art; they are platforms for interaction and inspiration, where she connects with audiences and fellow artists.

Art for Anastasia is a lifelong passion and purpose. It is through her creations that she aspires to inspire, using her paintings as a medium to spark creativity and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of life in others. Her journey is a testament to the power of art in bridging cultures and experiences, and her work continues to touch and inspire a wide audience.

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