Rose Unfolding

Rose Unfolding is a contemporary watercolor and ink artist creating work that stems from a personal practice of moving through big emotions and life experiences through the use of art as a guide and guardian. She creates imagery as a new modality of iconography derived from Earth based spirituality through her lense as a regenerative farmer and lifelong student of the Living Land.

Rose’s pieces speak to the cyclical principles of Birth, Death, Rebirth, and the idea of Breakdown as integral to the whole. Much of her work is created to enshrine moments of transition, trauma, and grief in physical objects as a touchstone for processing, be it for herself and others.

Her techniques with ink crosshatching as shading atop many layers of watercolor make a conscious and time intensive effort to weave intention and meaning into her work.

Rose is a queer individual of mostly Celtic ancestry. She is an autistic creator who experiences chronic illness. All of these aspects of her experience make in impact on her art and what she brings forth through painting.

Rose was born in Swinomish & Skagit territories near Mount Vernon, WA and currently resides in Sto:lo territory. Her work has been shown at transformational festivals up and down the West Coast and abroad.

When she’s not painting, Rose is working with the land through organic farming, sustainability practices, and food equity initiatives. She makes music with her dear spouse, and spends time with her 8 year old spaniel mix, Tonka.

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