Psychotronic Solutions

Sawyer Hurwitz, widely recognized as Psychotronic Solutions, is an innovative augmented reality collage artist based in Los Angeles, California. His unique artistic expression has gained international acclaim, with his work being showcased in galleries and festivals globally. Psychotronic Solutions’ artistry stands out for its intricate collages that serve as profound meditations on contemporary issues such as identity, environmentalism, and social conditioning.

In his collages, Hurwitz masterfully blends traditional techniques with cutting-edge augmented reality technology, creating an immersive experience that extends beyond the canvas. This fusion of art and technology allows viewers not only to see but also to interact with his work, bringing a dynamic and engaging dimension to his art.

The themes Hurwitz explores are both timely and timeless, encouraging viewers to delve deeper into the complex layers of personal identity and societal constructs. His work acts as a mirror, reflecting the intricate and often challenging relationship between humanity and its environment, as well as the profound effects of societal norms and expectations.

For those interested in experiencing the full depth and motion of Psychotronic Solutions’ art, a visit to offers a portal into his animated world. Here, viewers can engage with his augmented reality creations, witnessing how they come to life and convey powerful messages through their animated forms. Hurwitz’s work is not just an artistic endeavor; it’s an invitation to explore and question the world around us, blurring the lines between reality and art in the most captivating way.

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