CARO CARO, known artistically as NOCARO, is a Los Angeles-based painter whose artistry is deeply rooted in the synthesis of organic forms and patterns. A graduate with a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, her journey has taken her across the globe, painting in various international events and music festivals. Her unique artistic style creates a distinct space that navigates the delicate balance between human manipulation and the natural world.

NOCARO’s paintings are best described as subjective landscapes or ‘inscapes’, which are profound interpretations of environmental surroundings. These creations exist within a realm of human influence yet remain deeply connected to nature. Her work is an exploration of the interaction between nature and human nature, particularly within the framework of an urban environment. This focus results in art that feels both familiar and otherworldly, capturing a nuanced perspective on our everyday surroundings.

Currently, NOCARO is expanding her intellectual and artistic horizons by pursuing a degree in environmental science. This educational pursuit is not a departure from her art but rather a deepening of her understanding of the natural elements that inspire her work. Her commitment to studying environmental science is expected to bring an enriched perspective to her paintings, potentially influencing her interpretation of the natural patterns and organic forms that she portrays.

NOCARO’s art is a reflection of her ongoing dialogue with the natural world, a journey that continues to evolve as she intertwines her artistic vision with academic insights. Her work stands as a testament to the beauty of organic abstraction and the subtle intricacies of our relationship with the natural environment.

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