Nicholaus James Dalton

Nicholaus James Dalton, known artistically as “Manik,” is a Santa Cruz Mountains resident and San Jose, California, based artist. He specializes in creating unique concentric circle art, a style he applies to various mediums including t-shirts, canvas, and wood, often on a grand scale. Dalton’s innovative approach involves building his own machines to spin the art pieces on a vertical plane, a technique that allows him to airbrush his designs with precision.

Dalton’s artwork is characterized by its striking rainbow mandalas, which have been described as contemporary yet contemplative. His art serves as a form of visual meditation, drawing viewers into a state of focus and contemplation. The meticulously crafted perfect circles in his work create an optical illusion, exuding a vibrant energy through their color and form. This effect is achieved through Dalton’s deep experimentation and study of color theory, as he crafts his own unique colors specifically for airbrushing.

Recently, Dalton has expanded his artistic repertoire by engaging in live painting exhibitions. These events feature a mobile setup that allows for audience interaction, where spectators can choose colors as the art is created in real-time. Furthermore, Dalton is dedicated to sustainability in his art practice, demonstrated by his initiative to paint on old t-shirts, thus upcycling them into unique pieces of art. This aspect of his work not only showcases his artistic versatility but also reflects a conscious effort to blend creativity with environmental awareness.

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