Luke Schroeder

Luke Schroeder is an artist whose work concentrates on painting metaphysical views of the human form through portraiture, miniatures, and live exhibitions. He was born in 1991, has been painting since 2013, and live painting since 2017. He grew up in Virginia and went to Hampden-Sydney College (2013) where he acquired a philosophy degree and consequently a penchant for high resolution detail yet big picture thinking about anything and everything. This intellectual enrichment has immensely informed his artistic work, which focuses a variety of interconnected visual concepts into nonlinear paths for opening liminal and hidden parts of consciousness to insights for both himself and others. His fundamental process minimizes planning in favor of a spontaneous playful assembly of shapes through color and texture, an evolutionary weaving of forms and ideas to ultimately provide observers with a fully present experience that leads beyond attachment to preconceived representation. All of his painting is done with quick-drying acrylic paint that enables instinctive layering to achieve both richly textured cartoons and realisms and many variations between. These process-based philosophical and craft techniques make developing any live painting an especially magical journey offering numerous surprises to both viewer and artist. It is his profound wish for observers to absorb the energies of dynamic interconnection to transcend limitations in their consciousness powers, enhancing their ability to see the unique in the universe and the universe in the unique. Grow your genius!

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