Emma Quinn

Emma is an artist of many mediums and expressions. They work with acrylic, oils, and watercolors to create fantastical paintings. Their art provides a peep hole into the complex and infinite fantasy worlds that dwell within us. The hope is to inspire others to be their most creative, vulnerable, and artistic faerie selves.

“My artistic intention is to transport our imaginations into a world of fantastic colors and creatures, a world that lives within all our hearts. I work to personify mysticism; to create imagery that is powerful and symbolic. I often play with the concepts of death and life, and the feelings of clairvoyance and transcendence. Although all my pieces have a personal meaning to me, I intend for them to create a unique story for every viewer. I hope viewers will look at my art with the eyes of their inner child, then use those eyes to see the world.”
-Emma Quinn

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