Dice 51

From Albuquerque, New Mexico’s high deserts, Dice 51 emerges as an artist who seamlessly integrates traditional art with modern technology. His unique artistic approach is a blend of illustration, woodworking, and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, creating a distinct style that breathes life into his imagined deities.

Dice 51’s art is a harmonious interplay of analog and digital methods. His works begin as spontaneous “doodles” on paper, influenced by graffiti, manga, psychedelic space odyssey, traditional Japanese ink work, eastern religious art, and the raw beauty of southwestern deserts. These sketches, often featuring masks and faces of unnamed gods, serve as the foundation for more elaborate creations.

The transformation of these doodles into intricate, layered wood pieces is where Dice 51’s craftsmanship truly excels. Utilizing CNC machines for precision, he meticulously brings his visions to life through staining, painting, and live illustration. A prominent feature in his larger works is an interwoven 8-pointed star, symbolizing a portal through which his deities enter our world. This concept goes beyond mere artistic creation; it’s about animating the art, endowing each character with a name and backstory, and inviting them into our realm.

Each piece by Dice 51 is an invitation to a world where the mystical intersects with the mundane, a universe where diverse cultural and artistic influences meld into a vibrant symphony of color, form, and texture. His work stands as a tribute to the boundless imagination and the infinite possibilities of artistic expression.

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