Carmen-Aqimowon-Sandoval, a multifaceted artist and educator, holds a deep connection to her Chumash heritage. Currently residing in New Cuyama, Carmen’s roots extend back to the Chumash reservation in Santa Ynez, California, where she grew up. Her diverse artistic portfolio includes jewelry design, painting, printmaking, and material Chumash cultural art, each discipline infused with the rich traditions of her community.

Her jewelry, in particular, is a testament to the local California Chumash tradition, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and integrity. By weaving traditional design elements into her creations, Carmen honors and perpetuates the distinguished legacy of Chumash creativity. Her work is not just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a bridge between past and present, keeping the cultural artistry of the Chumash alive and relevant.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Carmen plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the Sʰamala language. As a Sʰamala language teacher, she is at the forefront of cultural education, passionately dedicated to keeping her ancestral tongue vibrant and accessible to future generations. She has also traveled with the Sʰamala singers, embodying the role of a cultural ambassador. Through these travels, she has shared the traditional gifts of Chumash dance, music, and song, enriching audiences of all ages with the depth and beauty of her culture.

In every aspect of her work, whether as a Sʰamala Chumash Educator or a Native American Consultant, Carmen-Aqimowon-Sandoval embodies the spirit of her heritage. She stands as a bridge between her community’s rich past and its dynamic present, using her art and knowledge to educate, inspire, and connect with people across cultural boundaries.