Alison Grayson Art

Alison Grayson’s work celebrates our connection to the more-than-human realm and the wonder and whimsy of the world around us. Their work is driven by principles of animism, and strives to create deeper relationships within ourselves in connection with our inner power and the transformational elements of death and rebirth.

Their work pulls energy from multiple realms, with many pieces including the flowing use of paint, the earthen strength of clay, and the transformational power of carved skulls. Alison believes their responsibility is to listen to and honor nature’s forces and energies, not to dictate.  Each design is unplanned and unique to the piece’s voice, with the elements being created as they reveal themselves.

Alison’s path with skull carving and art has evolved to include End of Life work, and in addition to being an artist they work as a Death Doula and a Grief Coach. They currently reside in Portland, OR.

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