Alexandra James

Alexandra James is a sculpture-based artist that works in clay, metal, wood, found unnatural materials and foraged natural materials. Nature, mental health, social justice, and the climate crisis are recurring themes in her work. Videos, performances, digital books and hand-bound books often accompany her projects. James is from Carpinteria, CA and grew up on a flower farm in Summerland, CA. James obtained an Associates Degree in Fine Art in 2019 at Santa Barbara City College and graduated from UCLA in June 2021 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art and minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education(VAPAE). James takes pride in being a Latina metal fabricator in a trade dominated by men and currently works full-time for Isaac Ornamental Metal welding architect Jeff Shelton’s designs. She also runs her own metal art/fabrication business AJ805ART. James is a serial-hobbyist and takes inspiration from being a musician, a surfer, a spaz, an empath, a traveler, an entrepreneur, a lover, an animal lover, older sister, athlete, teacher, thrift-shopper, life-long learner, nature-enthusiast and coming from a really big, loud family. James is currently interested in the process of welding as a alchemic process of meditation which reflects her purest and most concentrated version of self. James seeks to bring light and femininity to the art of metalworking and is interested in combining her love for found nature-objects with her metal fabrications.

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