Auroras’ Light Live Music Contest


Submit your Auroras’ Light Original Song for a chance to win a live music set at Lucidity Festival 2024!

We invite you to write and produce an original song that expresses what Auroras’ Light means to you, delights the ears, and evokes Lucidity?

Let’s Get Started with Auroras’ Light Inspiration

Year in and year out, dreamers from across the many realms gather in the oak speckled hills of a quaint valley and build more than a festival, they build a city of collective dreams. This city is an earthly reflection of a mythic place that sits in our imaginations and in our hearts, at the center of all space and time. It is a sacred crystal palace where all records are kept and where all possibilities, all creativity, and all Love, is born. 

We know this place as The Lucid City. 

We do our very best to build a Lucid City worthy of this special ethereal place of spirit. Music fills the air, children run together and laugh, seekers learn from elders, artists share their gifts, storytellers weave an enchanting mythos, and together we play, grow, and dream. 

The Auroras, which are the namesake of our current chapter, are the rainbow bridges that connect the many realms of the Lucid Multiverse. They are simultaneously the wormholes that dreamers use to travel to and from the Lucid City, and they are the very bastions that keep the Lucid City standing at the multiverse. After a long period of uncertainty, fear, and doubt, The Lucid City is calling upon the dreamers to travel upon the Auroras once again, to visit its crystalline temples and towering spires, and remember the light of who they truly are. 

Auroras’ Light is an invitation to dream the Lucid City awake once again, alongside the other dreamers from across the lucid multiverse.

Your Submission and Voting

You will have until January 23rd to complete the track.

Your submission should be 3-5 minutes in length and should be inspired by the Auroras’ Light chapter of the Lucidity Mythos.

Submitting Your Track

Once your track is ready:

  1. Name it, and upload it to your artist SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo with the title: “Lucidity Festival 2024 Auroras’ Light Live Music Contest – [Artist Name]”.
  2. At the beginning of the video or audio: state your artist name and the name of the track.
  3. Return to this contest page and click the Submit button below to upload your Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo link and fill out the artist information in the form.

Voting Process

On Tuesday, January 23rd, after submissions close, Lucidity Festival will create a LiveMusic Contest Facebook post where the public can listen to and vote for your track. There will be one comment (by Lucidity Festival) per each submission providing the link to the track.

Public voting will take place in the Lucidity Festival Facebook post, based on the number of reactions and comment thread replies for each submission comment.

Voting will be open from Wednesday, January 24th to Monday, January 29th.

Starting on Weds, January 24th share your track link across social media, tag @LucidityFestival, and add the hashtags: #LucidityOriginalMusic to all posts.

Share the audio or video link as much as you can to encourage people to LISTEN and VOTE for your track on the Facebook post.

The top 5 finalists with the highest number of reactions/comments/votes will be selected by the voting public, and the ultimate winner will be selected from these finalists exclusively by the Lucidity booking manager.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, January 31st.

Live Music Contest Terms & Conditions

Prize Package

Winner receives the opportunity to perform one 45 minute live music set at Lucidity Festival 2024. This includes tickets for your musical act. Transportation to the festival is the musician’s responsibility.

Recap: How this Works

  1. Create your original music track (3-5 minutes long) incorporating inspiration and influence that aligns with the Auroras’ Light chapter of the Lucidity Festival mythos.
  2. Submit the Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, or Vimeo link of your track to the submission form.
  3. Once voting begins, encourage people to listen to your song and vote for your track on the Lucidity FB post. Share your track link across social media, tag @Lucidity Festival, and add the hashtags: #LucidityOriginalMusic to all posts.
  4. 5 Finalists with the highest number reactions/comments/votes will be selected by the voting public.
  5. Winner will be selected by our music booking team and winner will be announced publicly.

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 2nd: Track submission opens.
Tuesday, January 23rd: Track submission ends 8:00pm PST.
Wednesday, January 24th: Voting begins and all participants share on social media.
Monday, January 29th: Voting ends 11:59pm PST and Finalists are announced.
Wednesday , January 31st: Winner is selected and announced.

Rules and Regulations of the Contest

  • ORIGINAL tracks can be submitted via the submission form on our website beginning Tuesday, January 2nd and ending Tuesday, January 23rd at 8:00 pm PST.
  • Submitted tracks must be UNRELEASED prior to the contest start date, which covers singles, EPs, LPs, and compilations on major and independent labels, free/paid releases via Bandcamp, and free downloads on SoundCloud and Mixcloud.
  • Tracks must remain on SoundCloud, Youtube, Mixcloud or Vimeo until the contest is over on January 31st. 
  • Artists retain the rights of ownership of their work.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to share what you create with Lucidity Festival under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License (Full Terms). Creative Commons allows an artist to “retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work.” All work licensed from you will be used exclusively for promotional purposes. Lucidity Festival will never make money directly from the sale of media for which we do not have a supplemental commercial agreement.
  • Only submit ONE track per applicant. If you submit more than one, only your first entry will be considered.
  • Each track should consist of inspiration from the Auroras’ Light chapter of the Lucidity Mythos. 
  • Voting by the public will take place from Wednesday , January 24th to Monday, January 29th.
    • NO bot voting
    • NO voting incentives (i.e. “each voter gets a free iPad”)
    • NO voting raffles (i.e. “we’ll take one lucky voter to each festival with us”)

If you have any questions about the submission process, or to verify that your track has been properly submitted, please contact ma*******@lu**************.com.

The contest is restricted to residents of the United States. Winner will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the festival. Additionally, they will be responsible for bringing equipment necessary to perform at the festival, and are subject to the standard contract of Lucidity Festival Musicians. Lucidity Festival reserves the right to choose when and where to schedule the winner’s slot. The winner may not be afforded full artist privileges.