Rose Unfolding

Rose Unfolding is a Pacific Northwest based ecofeminist artist creating work surrounding the theme of the female form as landscape. Her pieces encapsulate the ecology of the land she resides in, the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. Rose creates New World Goddesses influenced by the political and environmental challenges of our current time, from salmon restoration, to protecting water sources. She uses watercolor and raw wood from local sustainably milled trees to bring potency to her work. Rose explores how to incapsulate what it means to be “of” a certain place. To know the nature of the place on Earth you live is to be home, and that is what she strives to do with her work: to reconcile the cultural paradigms that she feels as a woman in this world and to deeply know the land.

Rose lives in the country near Bellingham Washington and spends most of her time gardening, painting, scheming vast sustainability projects, and baking extravagant cakes. You can view more of her work at and follow her on Instagram @roseunfolding. You can find her up and down the West Coast and abroad at like minded gatherings through the festival season.

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