Lucas Rodriguez

Lucas Rodriguez is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and builder residing in Northern California. He enjoys traveling the world while sharing his art and is a strong advocate for public art and art education. These passions have encouraged him to create murals and street art across the globe, as well as participate and contribute art to numerous festivals and events, including and mainly deriving from burning man, through displaying art, live painting and stage building/designing.

Lucas draws inspiration from the world he lives in and is influenced by multiple art movements including abstract expressionism, pop art, graffiti, street art, contemporary muralists and visionary art. His paintings generally incorporate colorful abstract backgrounds combined with matte white foregrounds to create a dynamic juxtaposition of clean lines against organic splashes of color. Lucas’ interpretations of his surroundings emerge full of depth, simplicity, and new life, brightening the dullness of everyday sights and breathing color into the world.

Festival Locations: