Kate Cleaves

Kate Cleaves in an artist, curator, naturalist, and co founder of Vibrance – a collective of artists, musicians, writers, physicists, film makers, scientists, yogis, etc. – whose common goal is to heal the world through positivity, love and gratitude. Kate is a Maine native who earned her BFA in painting at the Maine College of Art in 2006, and shortly after felt a strong pull to the beautiful colorful spirit of the west coast art world, and has called San Francisco home ever since.

“I am constantly amazed and humbled by this world that we are all a part of – and I draw inspiration everywhere from the vast depths of space to the tiniest molecules on earth.

I believe we are the creators of our reality, and therefore hold a great responsibility to ourselves, to our communities, and this earth. My intention is to create visual sacred spaces and worlds that weave in both ancient wisdom and science – patterns found in nature that remind us of the underlying perfect beauty of the universe – Honoring the past, and co creating a beautiful dream for the future via the present.”

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