Kai Cundith

Kai Cundith is a Visionary artist, muralist and Earth walker from Byron Bay, Australia.

His rich, joyful upbringing as a surfer amongst turquoise oceans and lush forests in and an open minded international community nurtured seeds that grew within him, a deep love for mama Earth and her oceans.

Kai was exposed to many different cultures and spiritual traditions at an early age. He became a cultural sponge, soaking up the lore of the people and the land he travels to.

Hooked to graffiti at age 14, it nurtured his free but intricate style. He moved to the city after high school. However, the hectic life of chasing walls and trains urged the call to move back home. This catalysed a profound awakening, and motivated him to travel and paint his new visions and dreams on to walls and canvas.

Kai has been travelling the word for 3 years, being guided to beautiful sacred sites, meeting many great souls and living a rich and happy life painting masterpieces and walls at festivals at home and in between. He is deeply inspired by his experience and wishes to share his work as a gift to the Earth and the children to come. He came to the States for the 2017 Global Eclipse Gathering In Oregon and has made Northern California his home.

Festival Locations: