Lindsey Orrin, best known as Flamgu, is a visionary artist from East Tennessee. Her curiosity towards exploring and understanding life, takes roots in her scientific background. Before graduating from the University of Tennessee in printmaking, she studied biology and chemistry. Evidence of this influence is present is her organic expression and language of symbolism. Her iconography includes spiraling vortexes of energy, anatomical hearts, fantasy creatures, and the divinity of Mother Earth through mountains, seeds, and branching roots.

Artistically, she has been most inspired by Roberto Matta’s “Inscapes”, which are manifestations of the artist’s interior world. In this manner, Flamgu paints intuitively. She also works illustratively to portray universal visions through intentional symbolism. Unconditional love, cross-cultural mysticism, gratitude, the subconscious, and the power of imagination are continuous themes throughout her work and life.

Flamgu has been published and exhibited throughout the world with a handful of solo exhibitions and the “Best of Undergraduates” in the 14th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition (2018). Her work also resides in the permanent collection of Pacha Moma, a visionary art museum in Irapuato, Mexico.

Since receiving her Bachelors, Flamgu has been touring North America and Canada sharing her vision. She hopes to create a world that mirrors her utopias – a place where imagination reigns supreme and love is infinite.

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