Dice 51

Hailing from the high deserts of Albuquerque New Mexico, Dice 51 uses his skills in illustration, woodworking, and CNC machines to bring his imagined deities into the physical realm. This back and forth between analog and digital methods allows him to create an original 3D canvas for him to stain, paint, and illustrate on live. It all starts on paper; his style is heavily influenced by graffiti, manga art, the psychedelic space odyssey, traditional Japanese ink work, eastern religious art, and the deserts of the southwest. The content of his drawings are not pre-determined; “I doodle a lot, and sometimes I really like what comes out. Those are the drawings I turn into bigger wood pieces.” These “doodles” often times depict masks and faces of unnamed gods. These characters are then named, given a backstory, and transferred to layered pieces of wood. A lot of the larger wood pieces are framed by an interwoven 8 pointed star. Dice says he wants to bring his character to life, and the 8 pointed star is meant to represent a portal opening up in the wall, allowing his gods to enter our world.

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