Dan Kiselev

Dan Kiselev is a Russian-American artist who immigrated to United States in his early teens. Having received art education in both the states and the crumbling Soviet Union he struggled to find his authentic voice, feeling torn between the two cultures that influenced him. Upon the creation of signature ‘Liquid Surrealism’ style 5 years ago, he finally hit his stride and began engaging full force in the Philadelphia art scene.

Since then he has exhibited at music and art festivals such as PEX Summerfest and Sensorium, along with numerous solo and group shows in the tri-state area and is now a resident at the Philadelphia Visionary Arts Gallery. Drawing on the eclectic influences of his upbringing and the vibrant local scene, he seeks to explore concepts such as Death, Dreams, Love and Time through his unique and versatile technique, often using the human form and expressive, high contrast colors to convey such abstract concepts.

Festival Locations: