The The South Lake Tahoe born artist Brian Hirdman has been practicing the art of creation since the age of 9. He is a completely self-taught artist that bases nearly all of his art around the exploration of the mediums he is using. A master of no skill by choice, Brian likes to adventure into mixing mediums and learning new skill sets as he creates his art. He remains a regular student of art and continues his journey into the vast realm of all creative outlets.

Brian is best described as a multi-faceted artist. His devotion to Creation has led him to a life with quite a large variety of skills and resources, which currently allows him to travel around the US with his life-partner, Ashley Orr. Together, they create fine jewelry and mixed media art as “CraftyFingas”, they create sustainable eco-landscaping as “Nature’s Gardener”, and they both hold space as Templars at Art Temple. Brian is extremely fond of collaborative cultures and spends much of his time teaching, learning from, and working with other artists.

At the heart of Brian’s work is the explorative nature of a small child; constantly changing directions, constantly getting distracted, constantly experimenting. He’s determined to push the boundaries of imagination through the alchemy of creativity and going where no artist has gone before.

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