Alison Grayson

Alison Grayson’s path in skull carving has been an unexpected one. She never anticipated that an art form would completely change her outlook on life, death, and her spiritual connection to it all.

​Her first piece began as happen chance. She had found a skull while working on a documentary in the Oregon woods, and years later decided that she wanted to see if she could further transform the deer skull into art. She wasn’t anticipating the connection she felt to the skull when she started on her first piece.  She wasn’t expecting to have a conversation with the skull, to be guided by its path, or to be encompassed with the feeling of releasing energy trapped by the fear and trauma of its death.  She wasn’t expecting the skull to take charge of the carve, using her as a vehicle to unearth the beauty and art within.  While Alison has struggled with the label “spiritual” her entire life, there was absolutely no questioning what she felt.

While some skulls speak louder than others, every skull guides its own carve. Each skull is ethically sourced, transforming death into new life.

In addition to a skull carver, Alison is a location sound recordist, a tiny house/skoolie advocate, a documentary film maker, a fighter, a dancer, a lover of life, and a newfound appreciator of death.

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