Alison Grayson Art

Alison Grayson is an artist and a healer. She works as a medium, releasing trapped trauma and unearthing the design within each skull.

Each design is unplanned and unique to the skull’s voice, with the elements being carved as they reveal themselves. As a clairsentient, Alison believes her responsibility with the skulls is to listen and honor, not to dictate. She strongly believes that all life is of the same cosmic energy, and that the trauma encapsulated in the animal’s bodies can block their energy from fully transforming outwards after death. She also believes that this trauma can be compounded, being carried along from one iteration of consciousness into to subsequent rebirths. By nurturing the animal in its death and releasing this trapped energy, Alison is working to heal a cycle of trauma. Her work often combines elements of figurative painting, gemstones, and metal and wood work into beautifully charged, magickal pieces.

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