2025 Workshop and Presenter Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Workshop Presenter at the Lucidity Festival: Auroras’ Light.

Auroras’ Light is the penultimate chapter in our grand 12-part festival narrative, reflecting the “resurrection” phase of a hero’s journey. In Joseph Campbell’s framework, this phase signifies a transformative moment where the hero emerges reborn after a climactic ordeal. For us, creating this festival in the wake of the pandemic and rebounding from last year’s challenging weather symbolizes our own resurrection. We believe we stand among many who are navigating, enduring, and triumphing over their own challenges.

Our mission is to foster individual, community, and global transformation.  Annually, we curate hours of workshops and sessions, aiming to enlighten, motivate, and shift our mindset, emotions, and actions. This empowers us and our audience to be and become more proactive change agents, exemplifying positive paradigms in a continuously evolving world, and merging ancestral knowledge and modern innovations. We eagerly await the insights you wish to impart to all ages in this impactful moment. Gratitude for your dedication and positive influence in our world.

Thank you once more for your involvement. We eagerly anticipate sharing a vibrant and imaginative journey with you at Lucidity!

Important dates:

Applications close on January 15, 2024.

All applicants will be notified on or before January 30, 2024.

Once accepted applicants will then receive a comprehensive email detailing essential information and subsequent steps for involvement.

Time slots are limited and fill up quickly. If you are accepted we will confirm by email with more information. We recommend that applicants purchase a ticket at the current tier price if you intend to attend the festival regardless of your application’s acceptance. You are able to re-sell tickets if your application is accepted.

We also encourage you to become an Ambassador of Lucidity. Our new Rewards program will compensate you for your efforts. Just sign up by clicking on the purple “Rewards” button on the top of the Tixr Buy Ticket page. Then make sure you share your unique link every time you promote Lucidity and the system will automatically track sales made with your link. Your points can be redeemed for free and discounted tickets.We kindly ask you to amplify the excitement for our event by sharing it with your audience through images and video posts! By tagging our ticket purchasing page and our official Facebook event page, you can significantly help demonstrate the added value of having you on board. This not only boosts visibility but also aids in driving more ticket sales. Your support in this endeavor is truly appreciated. Thank you!

Workshop/Presenter Application

Workshop & Presenter Application 2024
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