2020 Healer Application

Healer Application 2020

Thank you for applying to participate as a healer at Lucidity Festival: Regeneration Earth.

Indicate on your application if you are also applying to share your gifts in other ways. This allows our curators to track you, pool resources, and consider package offers that might determine whether we can bring you onboard in part or in full.

I AM HEALING will be hosting a variety of professional healing services at Lucidity Festival: Regeneration Earth. We seek to curate massage therapists, energy workers, and intuitive healers who wish to share their talents with our community. Modalities that are often requested are: Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point, cranial-sacral, Emotional Freedom Technique, acupuncture, crystal therapy, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Reflexology, Medical Qi Gong, Rolfing, Thai Yoga Massage, Tarot & Oracle Readings, and more.

I AM HEALING continues to offer donation-based healing services to the public through their office in Santa Barbara, and continues to push for this accessible vehicle during the festival. While many festivals offer healing services for a fee (often $2 per minute) we strongly believe that healing, especially in a transformational environment, is even more necessary to meet the needs of our community, and TRUST that people will honor these important services within their means. We will continue to work with educating and informing our staff and community on the importance of this decision - trusting that our professional team will feel fairly compensated.

Shift hours are as follows: Rising shift is 9am-1pm, Afternoon shift is 2pm-6pm. This allows for you to be present for our Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Friday and Sunday, during the 1-2pm hours. We will offer staff healing on Thursday during the afternoon shift only (2-6pm). ALL HEALERS are encouraged to arrive Thursday whether they are supporting staff or not, in order to secure and setup camp before the massive ingress of participants Friday morning and to be fresh and available for Friday rising shifts. We prefer to keep daily shift the same for ease of scheduling. If you are unable to arrive before Friday, please select Afternoon shift in your preference on the application.

If you are interested in participating as a healer at Lucidity this year, please fill out one application per person. Here is our 2020 policy:

Healer Vendor Fee is $150 upon confirmation along with certification and licensing info due by 3/1/2020. In Exchange you are given: one 3-day camping pass with Early Arrival, placement in I AM HEALING environment, invitation to camp with the healer community, 1 shower per day, and 1 collaborator lunch or dinner per day/shift. Requirement is three, 4-hour shifts (12 hours) with the opportunity to share your gifts with our staff 4 hours on Thursday..

Important dates:

Applications close on December 1, 2019.
All applicants will receive notice by January 15th, 2020.

This name will appear on the Lucidity Website. It's advisable to use your First and Last name if you do not have a professional alias.

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Select your preference for a shift during Lucidity 2019. You may be selected for any time slot.